LOYD Teas are portioned and packed in pyramid-shaped tea bags. The three dimensional tea bag results in better water circulation and faster brewing time. This, together with top quality, specially selected longer tea leaves, results in a deep and strong colour and flavour. LOYD Fruit Tea is produced from carefully selected ingredients and is bursting with juicy fruit flavours! Choose from Raspberry and Strawberry, Forest Fruits, Strawberry and Vanilla or Sweet Cherry. The natural flavour of LOYD Rooibos Tea is enhanced with the perfect balance of flavourful fruits. LOYD Green Tea is produced from a perfect blend delicate green tea leaves with juicy lemons, aromatic ginger and natural honey or blend green tea leaves with the fresh taste of mint. Whichever you choose, Enjoy The Magic Experience.

The quality of our products is very important to us and this is why we use certified black tea from Kenyan gardens (KTDA EoR). Loyd tea bags are made from PLA – a biopolymer derived from annually grown plants such as corn, so they are compostable and biodegradable.